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Abdulameer al-Hamdani

I was born in Nasiriyah-Iraq in 1967. In 1987 I graduated with bachelor degree from department of Archaeology in Baghdad University. Since 2003, I have conducted several field work and excavation projects in southern Iraq, as a member and as a team leader. These included surveying most southern Iraq, adding new 1200 archaeological sites to the Iraq's Inventory. I participated in protecting the Iraq's cultural heritage in the south, particularly in Dhi Qar province, during and after the war of 2003, returning almost over 30,000 stolen artifacts to the Iraqi National Museum. I have gave lectures and presentations inside Iraq and abroad regarding to the importance and value of Iraq's heritage. I published articles and book-chapters in Arabic and English about the Mesopotamian civilization. From 2003 to 2010, I was the director of Dhiqar province office of antiquities and heritage. I am currently working on my PhD dissertation at the SUNY at Stony Brook.

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