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Caecilia Pieri

Caecilia Pieri currently serves as the Head of the Urban Observatory within the Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo- French Institute of the Near East), Beirut, where she brings a comparative approach to the fields of urban history and anthropology in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern studies. Since 1989 she was as a Senior Editor in academic publications of architecture, heritage and urban studies, in Paris. She resumed academic work in 2004 after a first trip to Baghdad in June 2003. This first journey resulted in the first exhibition of Iraqi contemporary paintings organized in Europe after the fall of Saddam Husayn in October 2003, at Galerie M, Paris, and a catalogue: Baghdad Renaissance, (co-author Meriem Lequesne). Then in 2010 she received her PhD on the subject of the urban and architectural modernization of XXth century Baghdad, at the EHESS (Institute of Advanced Studies), Paris. She has traveled more than 20 times to Baghdad and Iraq since 2003. An expert within the World Heritage steering committee for the urban and architectural modern heritage in the Arab World, she is the author of various publications on heritage and on modern Iraqi architecture, such as Baghdad Arts Deco, 1920-1950 (American University of Cairo Press, 2011 – introductions by Rifat Chadirji, Naïm Kattan and Ihsan Fethi), also translated into Arabic. In 2013, she was the co-organizor of the international conference "The Architecture of Modernity in Baghdad: from Le Corbusier to the Iraqi Pioneers", held in Baghdad University. Her forthcoming book ( from her PhD, Fall 2014) will be: Baghdad, Strategies of the Urban Modernity (1921-1958).

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